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  • The Legendary Ohm Walsh

    To my ears the Ohm Walsh speakers combine the transparency and transient ability of exotic speakers like electrostatics, but without the drawbacks of directionality, limited dynamic range, and limited bass response.
    Don Lindich's Sound Advice Blog

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  • All speakers now shipping for $25

    Buy any speaker from the Ohm Online Shop and pay only $25 per speaker ($50/pair) for shipping, anywhere in the contiguous 48 states. Limited time offer, so act now!

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  • Ohm Technology

    Find out why Ohm Speakers are unparalleled in sound quality, durability, and value.
    Coherent Line Source Driver (CLS) Technology provides Full Room Stereo, 3D Stereo Imaging, and true Wave Form Fidelity.

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  • Legacy Products

    Have an older Ohm Speaker Model? We provide support for every Ohm product built since 1971, including parts, upgrades and service.

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Proudly Hand-Made in the USA for over 40 years!

Satisfaction Guarantee

The best place to evaluate any loudspeakers is in your own listening room. The character of which (size, shape, objects in the room) will have a greater impact on the sound quality you receive than the electronics or sources. The Ohm 120 Day Home Trial guarantees your satisfaction.

Speaker Filter

Our Speaker Filter enables you to quickly find products matching a wide variety of search criteria.

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Parts & Service

If you own Ohm speakers or are considering buying a used pair, you can find info, parts, upgrades and service on most Ohm models produced since 1971.

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Browse through our catalog of speakers for Music, Home Theater, Pro Audio, and Surround Audio.

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Home Theater

Did you know that Ohm makes some of the best speakers for Home Theater? Browse through some pre-configured systems, or give us a call to custom design a system for your unique needs.

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The Ohm Acoustic Micros are superb speakers and class-leaders. By combining excellent sonics and a most room-friendly size and appearance with what Ohm refers to as Full Room Stereo, Ohm Acoustics has produced a superb example of state-of- the-art budget speaker design.

When people hear my sound system their mouths drop open, even if they are not audiophiles.

A spacious acoustic ambience is linked with a ''reachout-and-touch-it'' immediacy that this listener has experienced only with the very best speakers.

First, the expansion of the soundstage is remarkable. The speakers have simply disappeared in a sonic sense. All I hear now is a wall of sound in front of me. There’s no hint at where the speakers may be. Secondly, the improvement in midrange clarity is striking. I can easily pick out individual instruments and details I never heard before. Vocals are crisp, clear and utterly transparent. Third, I can now easily pick out where individual elements are in the sound field where before they were somewhat indistinct. Fourth, the improvement in the low end is great. I’ve been able to substantially dial back the level of assistance from my subwoofer. Low bass was always there before but it lacked a palpable component that I used the subwoofer to provide. You could hear the low bass but not feel it very distinctly. No more. The bass from is now tight, palpable and crisp from the 5s without any assistance or supplement. Moreover, I can now even hear the distinct differences in audio mixing and engineering between various CDs and SACDs which is a totally new facet of listening to the 5s. And I’m getting all this without the drivers being fully broken in yet. They have nowhere to go but up. The best part is that I’m getting an emotional thrill out of listening to updated speakers because they reproduce music in such a fantastic way. Listening to them sends a tingle up my spine - a good thing to be sure.

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Best Value

Ohm speakers provide the most firm, precise stereo imaging over the widest Sweet-Sweep from any speakers world-wide. Extraordinarily natural, intelligible vocal reproduction for both music and films. Hand crafted in the USA.

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Speakers ship for $25

For a limited time, all speakers ship for $25 within the contiguous 48 states. With our 120 Day Home Trial program, you can’t go wrong.

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Your Speakers, Your Way

Not sure what to get? Let us congifure a completely optimized system for you based on listening room dimensions, type of music, loudness, and application.

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