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Ohm Walsh 2XO

Production Period
1989 - 1993
Nationally Advertised Price
$995 per pair
Amplifiers Recommended
30 - 150W
Impedance (typical)
Frequency Response
42 - 20,000 Hz (+/-3dB)
Sensitivity @2.8 Volts
89 dB
Recommended Room Sizes
up to 3040 cu.ft.
Walsh XO Spec Sheet
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Super 2.2000 Upgrade Kit Instructions
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Low Repair
If there is very little sound and it is scratchy, buzzy, or it rattles in the low frequency range, then a low repair is necessary. We must receive both speakers from you so that we can match them both to the good one.
High Repair
When the system is very dull sounding but most of the sound is acceptable, it usually indicates that a high repair is necessary. Sometimes this is only noticed when one speaker is compared to another. We must receive both of your drivers so that we can match them both to the good one.
Repair/Replace Metal Can

The metal can is the protective cover enclosing the driver. This should not be removed except at the Ohm factory. If third-party repairs are attempted, the final repair cost will be higher to fix whatever additional damage is done. However, a small cosmetic dent in the area opposite the wires will have no effect on the sound. These are sold and installed only at the factory after the drivers have been tested and found to be working properly.


The grill is the cloth and frame used to cosmetically conceal the drivers without affecting the sound. Ohm now uses black grills in almost all cases. In the past, brown and brown/black mixes were used. Now they are all black. The latest style uses wood and perforated metal like the thousand series. The new ones also have no seams. They are much nicer looking than the originals.

$120 4
Replace Total Driver

The total driver is the perforated metal can including all its internal parts. This option is most often used to replace lo The total driver is the perforated metal can including all its internal drivers. We still need to get the other one back to make sure they are properly matched.

Upgrade to SW2.2000/ pair

The system is upgraded with the driver from the Walsh 2000, new input terminals and adapter. This allows for deeper bass and wider dispersion of the high treble.

Kurt G. wrote to us and said, “Well, it has been 2 months since I upgraded my original 31 year old Walsh 2 speakers to the new Walsh 2000 drivers (the cabinet is the only part reused from the originals). So I now have a wonderful pair of Walsh 2.2000’s and all I can say is “WOW!”. Within the first ten seconds of listening to them, without exaggeration, my jaw literally dropped open at the gorgeous sound coming from my new speakers. And my appreciation of them has only grown in the last two months! I also have a pair of FRS11’s (1989) and a pair of Walsh Super 2’s (2007), and as good as these sound, the Walsh2.2000’s really are a BIG step forward. Thank You Mr. John Strohbeen and Ohm Acoustics - Good Listening indeed!”

$1,400 1
(1) With the return of the original part for recycling within 60 days.
(2) With the return of the original part for recycling before the shipment of the new part.
(3) Recycled repaired and tested.
(4) Per pair.
(5) Special shipping rate applies.

The Walsh 2XO replaced the Walsh 2. We used real wood veneer cabinets. The XO stood for extra Output because this series was more sensitive than the earlier series. It used the same Walsh 2 cabinet and grill with the Walsh 2XO driver. None of the XOs had controls. There are Ohm and 2XO logos on the cabinet at one corner. There is nothing inside the cabinet nor driver that requires periodic maintenance. There should be a label under the grill that says ”aim toward center of room”. This label should be opposite the corner where the wires are coming out of the driver can. When set up for peak performance, the Ohm logo should be on the front of the left speaker and the 2XO logo on the front of the right speaker. The Walsh 2XO should be set up eight to ten feet apart, with the labels on the inside front corner to benefit from the best Full Room Stereo effect.

The driver can be upgraded to the new Walsh 2000 which allows for the bass to be extended down and the treble to have wider dispersion. All necessary parts can be installed with a screwdriver, hammer and hot glue gun. The process takes about 20 minutes. The upgrade comes with a 3 Year Limited Parts & Labor Warranty, assuring you of years of listening pleasure.

Note: Most Ohm upgrades require no specialized knowledge and are easily completed completed by any person. It takes less time to install your own upgrade than it does to package and return ship your speakers to the factory, therefore, we recommend you save time and money by doing this yourself. We ship the upgrade to your door with clear, easy instructions. If for any reason you prefer to have the factory complete your upgrade installation, we will be happy to do this for free, however, you will be responsible for shipping and handling costs each way.

Ohm allows up to $995 for the return of a complete undamaged pair of Ohm 2XOs toward 25% of the purchase price of new Ohm speakers.

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