• The Legendary Ohm Walsh

    "To my ears the Ohm Walsh speakers combine the transparency and transient ability of exotic speakers like electrostatics, but without the drawbacks of directionality, limited dynamic range, and limited bass response."
    – Don Lindich's Sound Advice Blog

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  • Ohm Technology

    Find out why Ohm Speakers are unparalleled in sound quality, durability, and value.
    Coherent Line Source Driver (CLS) Technology provides Full Room Stereo, 3D Stereo Imaging, and true Wave Form Fidelity.


Hand Made in USA Since 1971!

Best Value

Ohm speakers provide the most firm, precise stereo imaging over the widest Sweet-Sweep from any speakers world-wide. Extraordinarily natural, intelligible vocal reproduction for both music and films. Hand crafted in the USA.

Technology about Technology

Walsh Tall

Ohm Walsh Talls are floor standing speakers able to reproduce the full range of music. The height is optimized for seated listening. They are typically used for 2-channel music reproduction and as the main left and right channel in combined music and home theater systems.

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Outdoor Speakers

Speakers for use outdoors - with planters incorporated into the design. Adrian Acoustics, the manufacturer of these speakers brings the High-End experience to the Outdoors with beautiful designs and excellent sound.

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Parts & Service

If you own Ohm speakers or are considering buying a used pair, you can find info, parts, upgrades and service on most Ohm models produced since 1971.

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Our products speak for themselves. Music lovers have listened for over fifty years.

Ohm speakers use unique technology that makes music sound better than most ‘live’ performances. They don’t sound like speakers (including speakers at concerts) – they sound like the music. And, you don’t have to sit in one spot to enjoy the music; almost anywhere they sound natural – even the next room listening through an open door! It is easiest to hear this improvement on voices since we all know what live voices actually sound like. In home theater systems, the actors sound like live people and their dialogue is clearly understood from anywhere in the room.

Full Room Stereo

You will hear a wide, tall and deep 3-D sonic image of the performers from almost any place in the room - not only in one tiny spot directly in front of the speakers.

3-D Stereo Imaging

If the music recording or soundtrack is well-produced, you’ll hear each performer’s exact location in height, width and depth. The ambiance of the performance hall will be accurately conveyed across your listening room.

Waveform Fidelity

Sound is the varying of pressure over time. A microphone converts the pressure into an electrical signal. When you ”receive” the actual waveform output of the sound from Ohm Loudspeakers, it closely matches the electrical waveform input to the loudspeaker.

  • Walsh 2000 Tall Review in AudiogoN

    One particularly attractive attribute of the 2000s is their ability to play very loudly without sounding congested, strained, or collapsing the soundstage. This applies to any music I have thrown at them; classical, jazz or…
    Phil Slepian AudiogoN
  • Walsh 100 Mk-2, SoundStage!, Jim Causey

    I was instantly struck by the level of instrumental detail that the speakers revealed.
    Jim Causey
  • John Potis, 6moons

    The Ohm Acoustic Micros are superb speakers and class-leaders. By combining excellent sonics and a most room-friendly size and appearance with what Ohm refers to as Full Room Stereo, Ohm Acoustics has produced a superb…
    John Potis 6moons
  • New York Times Hans Fantel's Review of the CAM-16

    Turning the tweeter at odd angles ... creates two distinct effects: an increased sense of depth and spaciousness of sound and a wider spread of the area in which the stereo is perceived. Because of this augmented stereo…
    Hans Fantel New York Times
  • F-5015 AudiogoN Forum

    The Ohm F-5015 has the most powerful low end I've heard, but it not only powerful it is also extremely faithful to the sounds recorded.
    Spacer AudiogoN
  • Something New. Ohm Walsh Tall

    I'm hearing things in the recording I had never heard before and at one point got up to double check the centre wasn't on. The imaging and phantom centre effect is tangible.
    YK Thom Klipsch Community Forum

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    Best Value

    Ohm speakers provide the most firm, precise stereo imaging over the widest Sweet-Sweep from any speakers world-wide. Extraordinarily natural, intelligible vocal reproduction for both music and films. Hand crafted in the USA.

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