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    Speakers ship to Canada for $49 ea

    Buy any speaker from the Ohm Online Shop and pay only $49 per speaker ($98/pair) for shipping, anywhere in Canada.

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    The Legendary Ohm Walsh

    “To my ears the Ohm Walsh speakers combine the transparency and transient ability of exotic speakers like electrostatics, but without the drawbacks of directionality, limited dynamic range, and limited bass response.”
    Don Lindich’s Sound Advice Blog

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    Ohm Technology

    Find out why Ohm Speakers are unparalleled in sound quality, durability, and value.
    Coherent Line Source Driver (CLS) Technology provides Full Room Stereo, 3D Stereo Imaging, and true Wave Form Fidelity.

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Welcome Canadian Customers!

Best Value

Ohm speakers provide the most firm, precise stereo imaging over the widest Sweet-Sweep from any speakers world-wide. Extraordinarily natural, intelligible vocal reproduction for both music and films. Hand crafted in the USA.

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Your Speakers, Your Way

Not sure what to get? Let us configure a completely optimized system for you based on listening room dimensions, type of music, loudness, and application.

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Canada Shipping

Ohm’s newly upgraded store now supports online orders from Canada. Shipping is just $49/speaker.

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