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MicroWalsh Shorts with Subwoofer Home Theater System

  • MicroWalsh Shorts with Subwoofer Home Theater System
  • MicroWalsh Signature Edition Short Speaker
  • MicroWalsh Signature Edition Short Speaker
  • MicroWalsh Signature Edition Short Speaker
  • MicroWalsh Signature Edition Short Speaker
  • MicroSubwoofer 10 Veneered
  • MicroSubwoofer 10 Veneered
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We put the Ohm MicroWalsh Short in a conventient, one-stop package together with an Ohm MicroSubwoofer.  For optimum setup, the MicroWalsh Shorts should be placed on a desk or table with nothing between them (for example, a computer monitor needs to be behind them, not in front of them) and the MicroSubwoofer should be placed on the floor between them.

This system is designed for small rooms, and will provide audiophile performance for movies as well as music.

Note: the subwoofer should be placed up front, between the MicroWalshs. The system is for rooms where you sit within 10' of the Microwalsh's.

Our patented Walsh driver technology gives you the best value in speakers for audio and home theater, guaranteed. This technology also provides the most firm, precise stereo imaging over the widest sweet-sweep from any speaker in existence. This means extraordinarily natural, intelligible vocal reproduction for both music and films.

  • All of our speakers are hand made in the USA and can be totally custom in size, shape and finish.
  • You can browse our selection of veneers and choose one to match your room, and we can send you physical samples for final confirmation.
  • You can substitute any component role in the system, for example use a different style center or mains, to work with your setup.
  • Price: $1,70000
  • plus $75 Shipping ( US lower 48) or $147 Shipping (Canada)
  • Includes 120 Day Home Trial
  • Part Number: ht-mws21
  • If you would like to configure your own system based on this one, you can view any component below and add items to your cart as needed.
  • A default Center Channel option is listed, however it can be changed once you place the order. A product specialist will contact you to determine the optimum center channel option.
ComponentPart #QTYPrice Ea.Ext.Max Dist.
MicroWalsh Signature Edition Short SpeakermwM-Short2$700$1,400600-1000 ft310 ft.
MicroSubwoofer 10 VeneeredsbM-10v1$300$3000 - 1500 ft3n/a
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