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If you own Ohm speakers or are considering buying a used pair, you can find info, parts, upgrades and service on most Ohm models produced since 1971.


ImageProduct NameProduction PeriodTypeViewSearch
Micro Walsh Center Channel with Bay Front2013-2014Walsh Series ViewMicro Walsh Center Channel with Bay Front (Walsh Series)
Walsh 1000 Center Channel Speaker with Bay Front2013-2014Walsh Series ViewWalsh 1000 Center Channel Speaker with Bay Front (Walsh Series)
MicroWalsh Center Channel Original Edition2000sWalsh Series ViewMicroWalsh Center Channel Original Edition (Walsh Series)
MicroWalsh (first edition)2002-2010Walsh Series ViewMicroWalsh (first edition) (Walsh Series)
Walsh 100 S-3mid 2000sWalsh Series ViewWalsh 100 S-3 (Walsh Series)
No ImageWalsh 5 S-32003-2010Walsh Series ViewWalsh 5 S-3 (Walsh Series)
Walsh 200 S-32003-2008Walsh Series ViewWalsh 200 S-3 (Walsh Series)
Walsh 300 S-32003-2008Walsh Series ViewWalsh 300 S-3 (Walsh Series)
Walsh 100 MK-2late 1990s - early 2000sWalsh Series ViewWalsh 100 MK-2 (Walsh Series)
Walsh 200 Mk-21998-2003Walsh Series ViewWalsh 200 Mk-2 (Walsh Series)
Walsh 300 MK-21998-2003Walsh Series ViewWalsh 300 MK-2 (Walsh Series)
No ImageWalsh 5 MK-21998-2003Walsh Series ViewWalsh 5 MK-2 (Walsh Series)
DiPole1996-2001Satellite ViewDiPole (Satellite)
SAT-1late 1990sSatellite ViewSAT-1 (Satellite)
SAT-31996-2001Satellite ViewSAT-3 (Satellite)
F3late 1990sWalsh Series ViewF3 (Walsh Series)
G21990sWalsh Series ViewG2 (Walsh Series)
P-11994-1999Speakers ViewP-1 (Speakers)
P-21994-1999Speakers ViewP-2 (Speakers)
Walsh 300late 1990sWalsh Series ViewWalsh 300 (Walsh Series)
CAM/PRO-32mid 1990sConventional Speakers ViewCAM/PRO-32 (Conventional Speakers)
CAM/PRO-42mid 1990sConventional Speakers ViewCAM/PRO-42 (Conventional Speakers)
FRS-5mid 1990sConventional Speakers ViewFRS-5 (Conventional Speakers)
FRS-7mid 1990sConventional Speakers ViewFRS-7 (Conventional Speakers)
FRS-9mid 1990sConventional Speakers ViewFRS-9 (Conventional Speakers)
Walsh 100mid 1990sWalsh Series ViewWalsh 100 (Walsh Series)
Walsh 2001994-1998Walsh Series ViewWalsh 200 (Walsh Series)
SAT-2mid 1990sConventional Speakers ViewSAT-2 (Conventional Speakers)
CAM/PRO-16mid 1990sConventional Speakers ViewCAM/PRO-16 (Conventional Speakers)
Walsh 4XOlate 1980s to early 1990sWalsh Series ViewWalsh 4XO (Walsh Series)
Walsh 3XOlate 1980s to mid 1990sWalsh Series ViewWalsh 3XO (Walsh Series)
F2early 1990sWalsh Series ViewF2 (Walsh Series)
Walsh 1XO1989-1993Walsh Series ViewWalsh 1XO (Walsh Series)
Walsh 2XO1989-1993Walsh Series ViewWalsh 2XO (Walsh Series)
FRS-111980sWalsh Series ViewFRS-11 (Walsh Series)
PRO-150late 1980sSound Cylinders ViewPRO-150 (Sound Cylinders)
PRO-200late 1980sSound Cylinders ViewPRO-200 (Sound Cylinders)
PRO-250late 1980sSound Cylinders ViewPRO-250 (Sound Cylinders)
SCSlate 1980sSound Cylinders ViewSCS (Sound Cylinders)
SCTlate 1980sSound Cylinders ViewSCT (Sound Cylinders)
SCT+late 1980sSound Cylinders ViewSCT+ (Sound Cylinders)
Walsh 1late 1980sWalsh Series ViewWalsh 1 (Walsh Series)
Walsh 31985-1991Walsh Series ViewWalsh 3 (Walsh Series)
No ImageB2-Subwoofmid 1990sConventional Speakers ViewB2-Subwoof (Conventional Speakers)
L2early 1980sConventional Speakers ViewL2 (Conventional Speakers)
Walsh 51988-1990Walsh Series ViewWalsh 5 (Walsh Series)
FRS-151980sWalsh Series ViewFRS-15 (Walsh Series)
K21980sConventional Speakers ViewK2 (Conventional Speakers)
N21980sConventional Speakers ViewN2 (Conventional Speakers)
Walsh 21982-1989Walsh Series ViewWalsh 2 (Walsh Series)
C3mid 1980sConventional Speakers ViewC3 (Conventional Speakers)
E2early 1990sConventional Speakers ViewE2 (Conventional Speakers)
Walsh 4mid 1980sWalsh Series ViewWalsh 4 (Walsh Series)
Hlate 1970s - mid 1980sConventional Speakers ViewH (Conventional Speakers)
Mlate 1970s - mid 1980sConventional Speakers ViewM (Conventional Speakers)
Nearly 1980sConventional Speakers ViewN (Conventional Speakers)
F1972-1984Walsh Series ViewF (Walsh Series)
Ilate 1970s - early 1980sConventional Speakers ViewI (Conventional Speakers)
B21979-1983Conventional Speakers ViewB2 (Conventional Speakers)
C21975-1981Conventional Speakers ViewC2 (Conventional Speakers)
D21980sConventional Speakers ViewD2 (Conventional Speakers)
Llate 1970sConventional Speakers ViewL (Conventional Speakers)
G1970sWalsh Series ViewG (Walsh Series)
Elate 1970sConventional Speakers ViewE (Conventional Speakers)
No ImageJlate 1970sConventional Speakers ViewJ (Conventional Speakers)
Kmid 1970sConventional Speakers ViewK (Conventional Speakers)
Aearly 1970sWalsh Series ViewA (Walsh Series)
Dearly 1970sConventional Speakers ViewD (Conventional Speakers)
C+mid 1970sConventional Speakers ViewC+ (Conventional Speakers)
B+mid 1970sConventional Speakers ViewB+ (Conventional Speakers)
Bearly 1970sConventional Speakers ViewB (Conventional Speakers)
Cearly 1970sConventional Speakers ViewC (Conventional Speakers)
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