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Ohm DiPole

Production Period
Nationally Advertised Price
$450 per pair
Amplifiers Recommended
30 - 150W
Impedance (typical)
Frequency Response
80-19,000 Hz (+/-3dB)
Sensitivity @2.8 Volts
Recommended Room Sizes
Original Setup Manual for DiPole Satellite
Download 886 kB

The DiPole Satellite speaker was Ohm’s first speaker specifically designed for rear and side surround channels in home theater systems. Unlike when bigger speakers with a dipole radiation pattern are used up front, these speakers should be facing you edge-on. That way, the two lobes of opposite polarity are meeting at your ears, and you hear no direct sound from the speakers. Instead, you hear the sound as it is reflected off of various surfaces in the room. This setup makes the sound effects appear to be coming from the space in your room, instead of making you aware of the speakers themselves.

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