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Ohm FRS-7

Production Period
mid 1990s
Nationally Advertised Price
$695 per pair
Amplifiers Recommended
25 - 100W
Impedance (typical)
Frequency Response
42 - 20,000 Hz (+/-3dB)
Sensitivity @2.8 Volts
89 dB
Recommended Room Sizes
up to 2240 cu.ft.
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The woofer is generally the largest driver in the system which covers the bass and mid-range frequency.


The SubBass Activator is an electrical circuit which extends the deepest bass when the music calls for it, reduces the distortion for cleaner sound, increases the dynamic range for greater impact, and uses a self-resetting protection circuit to reduce the chance of damaging the speakers.


The grill is the cloth and frame used to cosmetically conceal the drivers without affecting the sound. Ohm now uses black grills in almost all cases. In the past, brown and brown/black mixes were used; but every ”brown” turned out differently. Now they are all black.

Crossover Service

The crossover is the electrical circuit that protects the tweeters from the low frequency energy that is reproduced by the main drivers. This can only fail, in rare instances, from overdriving the speakers.


The tweeter is the high frequency element in the top corner of the box. When properly placed for full room stereo, these should be on the front corner closer to the other speaker, and they should cross fire in front of your listening position.

We need the original one back so we can install the new one in the triangular mounting board.

$163 2
Passive Radiator

The passive radiator looks like a large woofer from the outside. It produces the deepest octave of sound and has no magnet or motor assembly. The air inside the cabinet acts like a spring with the woofer driving one end and the passive radiator (PR) at the other. At the low frequency where the spring and the PR resonate, extra energy comes out of the system. Typically, the foam edge deteriorates within 20 years. We now use a new foam edge that is projected to last up to 30 years.

(1) With the return of the original part for recycling within 60 days.
(2) With the return of the original part for recycling before the shipment of the new part.
(3) Recycled repaired and tested.
(4) Per pair.
(5) Special shipping rate applies.

FRS stands for Full Room Stereo, which delivers a firm detailed stereo image spreading from one speaker to the other with each performer in the right place always heard from a very wide Sweet-Sweep.

The FRS-7 was the 12 x 24 x 12” small tower speaker for use in medium sized rooms. It used a very high power 6.5” woofer and 10” passive radiator to extend the bass into the deep octaves. The woofer matched the 5/8” super-tweeter to create a smooth, neutral system with exceptional imaging.

Ohm allows up to $695 for the return of a complete pair of undamaged FRS-7's toward 25% of the purchase price of new Ohm speakers.

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