All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy.

By John Strohbeen • Ohm Speakers • Tuesday, June 27, 2017

I agree one hundred percent. If fact I have been lucky to ‘play at work’ as my Dad once said after visiting one time in Tech Hifi’s early days. “I try to hire smarter people to do the work so I can learn from them,” was my response. I had good timing with the condition of the audio industry when I started Tech. The Japanese Invasion was bringing better electronics at lower prices and looking for distribution. It was challenging and exciting but so much fun, it looked like play to my Dad.

Moving from Tech Hifi to Ohm was almost like retiring and devoting all my energies to my hobby: building good sounding speakers over a wide price range. Learning from Marty Gersten, who had learned from Lincoln Walsh gave me great teachers to help me build on their foundation.

Since this proverb applies to everyone, Ohm is talking its annual 2-week summer shut down starting this Friday, June 30 and reopening on July 17. Everyone will be on holiday having fun.

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Please do not send us anything to arrive during that period. Since I have been playing most of this year (and own the place) I get the special privilege of coming in many of the days to play. I will answer the phone and most emails; but many times the answer will be that I am sorry, but question will have to wait until the people that can answer will return from two weeks of play.

I want to thank Zeos from Z Reviews and Greg Handy from Home Theater Review for the wonderful reviews and the many new and returning music lovers that have kept our business strong this spring. Thank you all.

I am going to enjoy my 2-week break from work.

Good Listening!


PS: I hope to have a more interesting blog in two weeks. After all, what else do I have to do?

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