Audible Emotions on tour with Ohm Walsh speakers

HiFi veterans probably remember the Ohm F, the legendary all-round full-field emitters, with the voices sounded so realistic that you got goosebumps. Audible Emotions has the current transducer Ohm Walsh 1000 IS, 2000 IS, 5000 IS in Europe. In the beautiful month of May, Audible Emotions will be on tour, so that everyone who is interested in these legendary speakers from the U.S., can hear them in person.

Demonstrated is the 1000 IS , recently tested at HIFISTATEMENT. to be heard to be the OHMS, Wiesbaden, Cologne (scheduled for May 14), Munich (bgeplant for May 21), and in Bremen. Dates at the listening can be agreed under . Gives details about the tour, visit the website of the is the Ohm Walsh 2000 IS, the big brother of the 1000 IS, which will come up with more dynamics and bass pressure as the 1000 IS and the link between the 1000 IS and the 5000 IS represents. Distribution Audible Emotions should point out that by converting its web system, the electronic contact was not assured throughout. This problem should be overcome immediately. As an extra precaution until further notice, the following e-mail address can be used. .


John Strohbeen Author

John Strohbeen was the President and Chief Engineer of Ohm Acoustics from 1978-2023.

John Strohbeen