Brand New Walsh 2000s Available to Audition in Germany

The Walsh 2000 Tall has been called the “Best Speaker Ever!!” by Z Reviews. And now for the first time, you’ll have the opportunity to hear a pair in Germany.

Audible Emotions is the official Ohm dealer for Germany. If you are in any position to travel to Horb, auditioning these speakers is an experience that will be worth your time.

Walsh 2000 Tall in Cherry

This very pair of Walsh 2000s (above) will be installed and ready for many hours of listening starting this October, so make sure to schedule your audition and reserve your time slot as soon as you can!

For all inquiries, please contact Audible Emotions here:

Matthias Ertel
Marktstrasse 7
72160 Horb, Germany, 07451 1372

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John Strohbeen Author

John Strohbeen was the President and Chief Engineer of Ohm Acoustics from 1978-2023.

John Strohbeen

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