This posting marks the 52nd consecutive weekly memo put up on our Ohm website. For us it has been a year of good business and good conversations with consumers, the media and our colleagues in the audio and music industries. In short, we have enjoyed the opportunity.

That said, we have also discovered that maintaining a weekly “publication” schedule requires discipline, rigor – and time. And more time. Ultimately, as we have said in this space many times, Ohm is in the speaker business. We are neither writers nor reviewers; but we are very happy to help people get the best possible sound in their homes. That is what the speaker business is all about – and it is fun!

And, to the extent that producing this column on a weekly basis takes away our ability to concentrate on the speaker business, we must reduce the frequency of the column. Starting with our next post, we will post once every two weeks. Expect to see the next one on our site or in your e-mail on April 14.

What would you like to hear about or know more about? We write our comments to be read and, hopefully, to inform. In the past year, we have covered a great many subjects and areas of audio and music. We know that many of you read our comments, but what can we do to make them more relevant?

So, what will we be doing with all our just freed time? Concentrating on producing new and improved speakers! Plus we are working on Version 2 (V2) of our website to make it more useful. As we mentioned in June, we are developing a new generation of speakers using proprietary XtremeXcursion. And that’s just one of the projects cooking in our lab. Stay tuned…

We’d like your help. “News & Views” is the area of our website where our comments can be found and are maintained for reference, should anyone feel the need to go back and look at previous postings. But it is only one section of a multi-page site with many different areas. Are there things we could be doing with or on the site to make it more useful? Easier to navigate? More informative? Even more pictures?

We depend on our readers to give us feedback just as we rely on our buyers to give us their opinions on how our speakers work in their rooms. As we keep saying, we’re in the speaker business. We know how to build speakers – and we do it well. For some of the rest, we’d accept some help and advice.

Please feel free to give us feedback, ask questions and provide possible subjects and comments. They can be addressed to And we will get them – and read them; but not necessarily respond personally to every one.

As they used to say on radio, “keep the cards and letters coming.” Well, now, it’s email, but the sentiment is the same.

See ya in two weeks…’til then,

Enjoy & Good Listening!

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John Strohbeen Author

John Strohbeen was the President and Chief Engineer of Ohm Acoustics from 1978-2023.

John Strohbeen

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