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I am a long standing fan of Michael Connelly’s Hieronymus ‘Harry’ Bosch detective series and I was very pleased when Amazon started a TV series based on Harry. I am addicted to TV, so I do not have one in my home since the last time I owned one when I would watch PBS from 7PM to 1AM most nights – true addiction. Since the days of The Sopranos, I would wait for a season of a show I wanted to watch to became available on DVD and then treated myself to a weekend marathon. When viewers started asking me about the Ohms in Harry’s home, I went right to it. I admit that I missed some of the shots of the speakers as I was fully engrossed in the action like in the second episode. But, they appear several times with the Harry’s spectacular view of Los Angeles…


I don’t know how set dressers make their selections; but I feel Betty Berberian made a good selection for a jazz lover’s vintage stereo system with the record collection, Marantz turntable, McIntosh electronics and Ohm Walsh 4 speakers. Thanks.

This made me think of other movies with Ohms in them.

A Shock to the System

Jan Egleson’s A Shock to the System (1990) starred Michael Caine, Elizabeth McGovern and Samuel L. Jackson (with a short cameo). Michael Caine’s character moves from the suburbs to Manhattan. Robert J. Franco did the set decoration and chose Ohm PRO 16 speakers for the SOHO loft. How New York could you be!

Edward Scissorhands

Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands (1990), starring Johnny Depp, Winona Ryder and Vincent Price also had Ohm Sound Cylinder speakers. Cheryl Carasik was the Set Dresser and clearly wanted dramatic looking speakers and found them in the Pro200s.

All these speakers are from the Golden Age of Audio when Ohm was among the most popular brands of high-end speakers. We still maintain these older models and even have upgrades for the Sound Cylinders and Walsh 4s to our latest and greatest technology. We have a new, larger model of the Sound Cylinders with higher output that is now in Beta testing. Walsh 4s have the widest range of upgrades available and can even be upgraded to the Walsh 4.4012 with XtremeXcursion powered subwoofers.

If you know of any other uses of Ohms in movies and shows, I would love to hear from you.

Enjoy & Good Listening.


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