Welcome to the Ohm factory outlet store! Here you can save hundreds of dollars and get the finest quality sound available anywhere. All speakers are functionally perfect and in many cases sound better-than-new as we incorporate developments made since the time of manufacture. Items sold here are used, factory reconditioned, or b-stock current product speakers. They may have minor cosmetic issues but they will sound perfect. They come with a 60-day home trial, and a three-year limited warrantee. Good listening and good savings.

*Note - photos presented below may be stock product, not the actual sale item.

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Walsh 4000 Tall

Our biggest Walsh Tall speaker, for large rooms and open concept homes!


King of the classic box speakers! This four-way floorstander is adjustable with a bank of switches, and comes with an integrated bi-ampable 12” subwoofer! Prepare to be blown away, folks. Please allow one month from time of order while we get them ready for you.

Walnutup to 7000100-1000$6,000$6,000/pr
Walsh 2000 Tall

Best seller! Includes new grills, not pictured.


The successor to the perennial favorite Ohm E! This “Digital-Ready” model was introduced in 1981 to coincide with the introduction of the Compact Disc! Still pairs beautifully with todays high-res audio systems. We will restore and ship one pair to you. This photo is a vintage catalog photo, so the actual product may look different.


A pair of vintage cabinets will be restored and built up with all new moving parts, to make a pair of these classic speakers that sound as good as we know how! Expect 3-4 weeks in production.

Black Lacquer1280-500015-120$1,000$999/pr

NOS - look at that sunny color! 10” powered subwoofer for small rooms. Takes RCA and speaker level inputs. Discontinued product from several years ago. Get it before it’s gone!


Real rarity! This speaker was the smaller version of the monstrous Model I. 12” subwoofer and 3/4” dome tweeter on the front, 6.5” omnidirectional midwoofer on top. Dynamic, spacious sound with a lower profile than most floorstanders. Like most Ohms, they sound best against the wall. Ready to ship in 2-3 weeks.

Walnutup to 7000100-1000$3,000$3,000/pr

The final stage of evolution for our very popular C2 speaker. This one featured a built-in SubBass Activator to play music from digital sources, and had the driver elements arranged in a vertical line for improved timing characteristics when listening from off-axis. Silver facia - very cool! Ready to ship in 2-3 weeks.

Walsh 2.2000

A sleeping giant! The Walsh 2 was outragously popular in hifi stores all across the country in the 1980s. They won accolades in all the major publications at the time. These vintage speakers have survived tremendously well, and can be upgraded to use the current technology from the Walsh 2000 Tall, which themselves have been met with high acclaim. Here is a pair of vintage Walsh 2’s which we will upgrade and ship to you (with new grills!) so you can have the best sound of today, with the groovy midmod aesthetic of yesteryear. Please allow 3 weeks to ship. Stock photo.

Walsh 3000 Tall

Restored, like new. Includes new grills, not pictured.

Walsh 3000 Tall

Speakers for large rooms in the color that matches everything! Includes new grills, not pictured.

Walsh 5

Limited Edition model from 1988. Audio Magazine called it “A Masterpiece of the Speaker Designer’s Art”! We’ve lovingly restored this pair to its original working condition. Looking for a good home!