Welcome to the Ohm factory outlet store! Here you can save hundreds of dollars and get the finest quality sound available anywhere. All speakers are functionally perfect and in many cases sound better-than-new as we incorporate developments made since the time of manufacture. Items sold here are used, factory reconditioned, or b-stock current product speakers. They may have minor cosmetic issues but they will sound perfect. They come with a 60-day home trial, and a three-year limited warrantee. Good listening and good savings.

*Note - photos presented below may be stock product, not the actual sale item.

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Our biggest and most sophisticated speakers! This used pair is ready to ship. With some minor cosmetic flaws, they sound perfect. They’ll arrive on a pallet. Please allow one week before shipment so that we can schedule a truck to pick them up for you.

F 4000

A classic look! This vintage pair of F’s were born into their second life abut 10-15 years ago, when we upgraded them with the full F4 cabinet modification. They found their way back to us recently, and soon they may find their way to you! Equivalent performance to the all-new Walsh 4000 Tall (a $2500 savings!) Please allow 1 week before shipping while we get these ready for you.

Red Walnut4500-850075-300$7,600$5,095/pr

The Wedges were a prototype speaker that we made ca. 2002. They featured a MicroWalsh driver in a small, vented enclosure, coupled with a 12” powered subwoofer, side-firing in the same cabinet. Only this one pair was ever made to our knowledge. The styling is outrageous with all the nonparallel surfaces: even the cloth grill is an irregular shape on the bottom where it sits on the cabinet. Great for home theater or anyone who wants to feel that beat! Please allow 2-3 weeks while we get these ready for you.

Black lacquer1000-350060-120$2,500$2,500/pr
Walsh 3.3000

Classic pyramidal cabinets from the 1980s refurbished and upgraded to the performance of the all-new 3000. Please allow 2-3 weeks before shipping while we get them ready for you.

Red walnut2400-540045-250$5,400$4,079/pr