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Audio review for Ohm F speaker upgrade to Walsh 3000 series driver.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017 F
Publisher: Customer Testimonial | Author: Fred from British Columbia

I don’t often review items I purchase but I will make an exception in this case. I am the original owner of Ohm F loudspeakers that I purchased February 1981. Knowing the power requirements, I also purchased a Nikko Alpha 440 power amp, Beta 40 preamp etc. at the same time. In my younger years the Ohms were driven hard, always close to 200 watts and for many years. They served me well!

As the years passed I used my system mostly for background music at dinner parties as the wild times were over! Eventually, I had a problem with one channel on my power amp and subsequently retired it for a cheap receiver since I wasn’t driving the Ohms hard anymore

With the resurgence of vinyl my interest in music was again peaked and this is when I realized my Ohm F’s had finally reached the end of their lifespan. A quick internet search found that Ohm Acoustics were still in business and offering upgrades. I should also mention that I got my Nikko equipment fixed as well.

I called Ohm and spoke to Mr. Strohbeen who in turn gave me the advice I needed to select the appropriate upgrade for my Ohm F speakers. We determined the Walsh 3000 series would be the correct choice for the sound I needed based on my room size, listening preferences etc. I was initially a bit concerned about going with a midsize speaker upgrade since I was replacing my top of the line Ohm F’s. John assured me I would be happy with this choice.

The order was subsequently placed and the drivers arrived last week. Since that time I have been treated to a wonderful sound replacement for the F’s. They are as advertised, deeper stronger and clearer in every detail. I am not considered to be an Audiophile but I do know what sounds good!

The Walsh 3000 upgrade has more than met my expectations so, those folks who are sitting the fence wondering whether or not upgrade, do so, you won’t be disappointed.

Many thanks to Mr. Strohbeen and everyone at Ohm Acoustics for a job well done!