Sunday, January 1, 1978 C2
Publisher: The Complete Buyer's Guide to Stereo/Hifi Equipment

While Ohm Acoustics is best known for their Model F, which proved the validity of the Walsh Principle, they are also in the business of constructing a line of conventional-appearing loudspeakers. Indeed, they seem conventional because they use woofers, tweeters and super-tweeters and the drivers are mounted in rectangular boxes. However, the amount of engineering and mathematical expertise reflected in the construction of Ohm loudspeakers is decidedly unconventional.

The C2 is a bookshelf-sized speaker system utilizing a 10-inch woofer, 2-inch tweeter and 1-inch supertweeter measuring 25” x 14” x 9-3/4” in an oiled walnut finished cabinet. Conventional, right? Wrong! Ohm’s engineers built this speaker with a mathematical equation (known as a Third-Order Quasi-Butterworth filter) and attempted to build a speaker that would prove the deductive equation.

So rather than stuffing a box with speakers and making adjustments based upon the sonic results, they used the sonic results which the equation said would occur and built the speaker to the equation’s requirements - an it worked. The math called for flat response to 37 Hz, high-power handling capability, very smooth treble response and excellent dispersion.

Considering the size of the box, the Ohm C2 must be reckoned with as one of the better speaker values available … Ohm speakers are very well made, and we recommend them highly.