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Sunday, March 1, 2009 MicroWalsh Signature Edition Tall Speaker
Publisher: Hi-Fi Reader | Author: The HI-FI reader

“So, after all the lugging, titling, reversing and breaking-in – how did the speakers sound? Really good. Really good but especially good considering how small they are. In another review I read how the reviewer was amazed at the amount and quality of the bass that the little Ohm’s were able to generate and I’ll admit that I agree.”

“Bass aside, I found the Ohm’s to be incredibly revealing and perhaps the most revealing speakers I have ever spent a long period of time with….this is obviously a good thing in that it shows the ability of the Ohm’s to serve the music.

The fact that I found them so revealing further contributed to the ability of them to portray various tonal colors and shades of instrument and voices.”

“Yes, the Ohm’s soundstage incredibly well. Their ability to disappear and create a tangible 3D soundstage was among the best I have hear. In terms of this quality, the Ohms served all music I played through them well. But recordings that utilize the studio as an instrument were especially fun. Anything that had artificial sounds or sounds created virtually worked really well.”

“So if I had to describe the qualities of the Ohm MicroWalsh Tall in a few words I would say that they are a small speaker that delivers a big sound. They soundstage very well and play deeper than I would have expected. The mids are tangible and the highs sweet – but are contingent on how you place them in your room (like any speaker I guess). I felt that the Ohm’s were very musical and had no problem keeping everything together in terms of pacing and rhythm. Dynamics were also exceptional. Overall, the little Ohm’s do a very good job of balancing out all of their positive qualities with an end result of a very agreeable sonic presentation. And in all honesty, though I love how well they soundstage, I would still favor them even if they did this not quite as well as they do. Don’t go away from this thinking that is all they are good at.”