Ohm L

Sunday, January 1, 1978 L
Publisher: The Complete Buyer's Guide to Stereo/Hifi Equipment

Ohm Acoustics is an adventurous speaker company known for turning mathematical theory into fine sound. They perfected the Walsh driver, and the resulting speaker is one of the finest available at any price.

On a more conventional level, Ohm was among the first companies to take advantage of A.N. Thiele’s research into the vented loudspeakers, with some pretty spectacular results. The “L” is the latest, most compact, and least costly Ohm Speaker to utilize the Thiele mathematics.

In listening to the Ohm L, the immediate reaction is one of surprise at the openness of the sound. We compared the sound of the “L” with that of several larger and costlier systems, and in no case could we say that the larger systems have a “bigger” sound.

So in this respect, the Ohm L is an unqualified success. In addition, the frequency response of the speaker is exemplary. And the midrange, which is often a weak point in speakers of this size and price is very good. There is no sense of strain, adn voices sound utterly natural.

The Ohm L is more suitable for use in larger rooms than its dimensions might indicate, and we recommend it highly.