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Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity Recommended Gear List

Tuesday, February 8, 2022 Walsh 3000 Tall Speaker
Publisher: Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity | Author: Mel Martin

Ohm Walsh 3000 Loudpeakers

The Walsh 3000 loudspeaker was a pleasant, and actually, a rather thrilling surprise. In a word, this speaker is musical. It handled any kind of music I threw at it with aplomb. Large classical and choral works showed fine and realistic imaging. Acoustic instruments sounded real. Vocals were realistically placed between the speakers if they were recorded that way, and accompanying instruments were rendered with realistic front-to-back depth. Rock music did not suffer either, and the speakers are capable of prodigious bass rolling off at just above 30 Hz.

There is no shortage of speakers in this price range, but I would have to put the Walsh 3000 speakers at or near the top of its competitors.

Reviewed By: Mel Martin



These components provide excellent performance and represent a superb value with a focus on the entry-level. Anyone looking to set up a great affordable system can rely on these choices.

The upgrade choice. This gear exhibits superior design and performance in every detail. A significant step up over Essential class.

Reference Standard components. These choices provide “cream of the crop” performance with no compromises.

This is an elite category for price-no-object components. Dream gear for most of us. Ultimate works of art and craftsmanship.