Walsh 5, Audio, David Clark

Wednesday, June 1, 1988 Walsh 5 | Author: David Clark

…is one of the most uniform and extended response curves that I have measured from a loudspeaker. …bass distortion is exceptionally low. The Walsh 5 is one of the cleanest speakers available…there seemed to be no limit to the clean low end that these speakers could deliver….The Walsh’s ability to handle 200 watt sine waves between 20 and 40 Hz is so unusual that I reran the test several times before I was convinced there was no measurement error. …I perceived remarkable depth and spaciousness to music well recorded in a concert hall….This speaker loves organs. They are a masterpiece of the speakers designer’s art. I particularly recommend them for the audiophile who has a large but not particularly reverberant listening room, and who enjoys large-scale music productions.