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Z Reviews Ohm Walsh 2000 Speakers [BEST SPEAKERS EVER!!]

Monday, April 24, 2017 Walsh 2000 Tall Speaker
Publisher: Z Reviews | Author: Zeos

Let’s pause on the Hook main theme by John Williams. And let’s talk about my new speakers. Cause they’re mine. I – there’s no way that they’re going back. They’re Ohm Walsh 2000’s. Now, “Ohm” is a description of a speaker statistic or a driver statistic, so if you look up “Ohm”, you’re not gonna find these immediately. “Walsh” is the name of the father from Goonies, which is definitely not enticing you into believing anything – Walsh. And “2000” is, well, everything is named the 2000. Let me tell you this story.

New York Audio Show 2016. Just before this New Year. Me and my brother – my brother has never been to one – and my friend from Connecticut had just come down. So we were just wandering around. I know everything about everything and he’s just going “Ooh” and “Ah” and “Ooh” and “Ah”. $50,000 thing: “Ooh, ah!” He’s also the person in my life that can hear dog whistles. So I trust his judgement if he says something is too sharp. I can’t hear dog whistles, and neither can you.

So, we walked around the entire audio show, and it wasn’t very big this year, and you know, we heard the Sunfire, you know, I mean they were giant ten feet tall line arrays and every possible conceivable 10, 20, 50, $80,000 setup. And, we’re coming to some of the last rooms and we walk into one room. It was sort of like a weird L. And it’s plants, cause there’s always plants at an audio show, and we went, “— is that? What’s that?! Cause that sounds amazing.” And it was a room without – not these – these are the 8”. The 2000’s are the 8”. They were the 1000’s. And they were 6 ½ “ towers like this, semi-omnidirectional (I’ll explain that in a minute) and they were shoved against a wall with plants around them, and there was like a Peachtree amp, a cheapo amp, like $400 or $500. Just trust me, that’s a cheapo amp at a New York Audio Show. And the kid running the setup was working for the company. The owner was sitting behind him, looked like Santa Claus. And I’m like, “What is happening here?” I give him my CD, and he puts it in a CD player without a screen, so it’s like, “What track did you want? 15? Track, track, track, track, tr-“ Like, you’re at a New York Audio Show with speakers that sound like this. I’ll buy you a CD player with a screen.

We get to talking, and turns out, this company, Ohm, started in 1960-something, the guy started making speakers and the actual company was founded in like ’72. It was the entire story. It was the story. Like, I’m sitting here in my living room in the dark telling you a story, this is what he told me. He told me this story. And if you go to their website (obviously linked in the description) you can go to their previous speaker builds and there’s a little section for “early ‘70’s”. So they’re been around forever. But you haven’t heard of them. I hadn’t heard of them. I never heard of them till I walked into that room. Then all of a sudden I needed to know about this company.

Ok. I talked to the guy. They’re in Brooklyn! And there not just based in Brooklyn, they build these in Brooklyn! Ok.

And I’m looking at these little towers and they sound like they do, and I’m used to other things, and I look at the price on the piece of paper that was printed out and folded there, and I’m like “Oh, fff— how much? Oh. Wait. What?! How much?” Those speakers there were, the towers, like $1000 apiece. And let me tell you –sounds expensive – that was the show special. They were like $400 off each. And after coming out of rooms that were 35, $40,000 for like, the power conditioner in the corner, and then you know, $70,000 towers you couldn’t bring into your house without a crane, going into a place that had little tiny, basically tiny speakers, that looked like that but smaller, with a different finish, and then hearing what they sounded like and then like, “What? How much?” And my brother got out his wallet and I’m like, “No. Put that away. Let me get a pair to test, and then you can talk to the owner afterwards.” That’s how good they were.

I talked to the kid. I apologize for calling him a kid. I apologize for not knowing his name right off the bat. But I talked to the owner, talked to him, said “here’s my card,” “here’s my card”, everyone gave cards, you know, “Tell me what finish you want, and I’ll put together a set for you to review.” That was late November, early December, and these arrived right before Christmas. And, what a Christmas it was.

I don’t wanna talk to my, ah – I won’t even say her name for you guys- I’ll do that instead to turn my lights on. So! And I’ll shut those other ones off. Speaker lights. Boom.

Ohm Walsh 2000’s. They’re not normal. And that gets me every time. And you know, just being weird is not good enough. You’ve gotta be different, and better. Cause you go to Hot Topic and you see lot of different people, and you go to Harvard and you see a lot of better people, and both of them suck! You gotta find that middle ground where you are both different and better than everything else. And I will accept you as a person, or a speaker, or a car – anything you want.

So let’s look at them. Can you tell me what decade these were designed? If I saw these in somebody’s house not knowing what I know about the company now, I wouldn’t know. Are those ‘70’s speakers? Or ‘80’s or ‘90’s? 2000’s? Doesn’t matter! They’re the same design, you buy them right now, they’ll look just like this. So let’s walk in a circle. There’s no – there’s nothing but a box here. Nothing but a box. It’s a ported box. There’s a port at the bottom. On the back you’ve got speaker terminals like a normal speaker, and you’ve got this weird-lookin’ hat on top of it. And if I took off the hat (everyone wants to know what’s under the hat) Oh, it’s another hat! Actually that actually looks like a hat. It’s a metal cage with foam behind it, and you can’t quite see through it. You can if you get a bright enough flashlight. You can see through that.

I’ll explain to you how these speakers are designed, and I’ll explain to you why this sticker here says, “Aim Toward Center of Room”. I leave these on all the time, by the way. Just, just because. Usually I take grills off, but…

So you get these two hats, and the way these speakers work is - this is the 2000’s – you go to their website, and they don’t ask you how big your room is or which one you want, you say “I have a room that’s this many cubic feet in volume.” And then they tell you which speaker you should look at. We were at the audio show, and the biggest speaker that they could support in that little tiny hotel room was a 6 ½”. The Walsh 1000’s. So they brought the Walsh 1000’s. I described my living room as 17 ½’ wide, 15’ deep with an opening. We’ll get to some stuff back there also. They said, you’re definitely going to need the 2000’s. You might even go up, but the 2000 should be plenty.

So these are an 8” downfiring. There’s an 8” driver in here. Shooting down into that box. Wanna see what it looks like? I have a picture. I have a picture because I pulled the thing off cause I was checking something because I couldn’t stand it anymore. So, here is the hat coming off, and there is your driver – 8” – that’s a real phase plug! That is a fully machined aluminum phase plug. Shooting straight down into a box! No one’s gonna see that! There’s no one to brag about having that phase plug. Yet, it has one. Because it helps with the phase adjustment of the sound shooting into the box.

Now, let me explain omnidirectional speakers. Most omnidirectional speakers are fully omnidirectional speakers. I did the Nanostats. Remember, those had the upshooting with the little cone that it shot at. And those are good! Those are great for ambience – ambiance? I forget the – JL Audio? No, not JL Audio. MB? MB Audio? Those are the footballs and they squeeze it and it shoots in all directions. I’ve listened to omnidirectional speakers. Fully omnidirectional speakers. And they’re always weird, but they’re all like, “Ooh there’s this big, big sound!” Ok, but they’re weird. Now I’m going to call these, and they don’t say it on their site, but I’m going to call them semi-omni-directional. All the hyphens. Because, it’s an 8” driver shooting straight down into a box, which means that the back of that driver is open and accessible to a full 360°. Fine. That’s great, right? That’s wonderful. That means that all your midrange and all your bass are all getting shot 360°. Where most omnidirectional speakers fail is when you try to shoot treble backwards, and sideways, and up there and down, and then it just all, it just messes it up. And because these are not fully omnidirectional, and they’re semi-omni-directional, and I would get a flashlight to show you but I would rather just describe it, in here, behind the magnet for the 8”, is a tweeter. A soft dome tweeter. And it’s pointed like that. Shooting straight up at my ceiling vent. And like, wha? So, here’s a tweeter. It points at the center of the room. Basically, the tweeters are both aiming right – here. And you’re going, “What good it that?” I’ll tell you all the things that that’s good at.

First off, when I first got these speakers and I unpacked them – there’s the boxes, which I can just throw them out now because I’m keeping the speakers- *sigh* I should have done that – I KNEW that a week after getting them that I was keeping them, yet I kept the boxes around, because you always have that doubt that, “Oh. These are $1400 apiece.” And I know you’re saying, “That’s a lot of money, Zeos, $1400 apiece,” but I’ve chosen them to stay in this room for home theater and music because nothing quite sounds like them and I’ve got the lot. That’s $2500. I’m not keeping that. I’m sure SVS would offer it to me and I’m gonna be like, “Nope!” Put it on a truck. That thing’s stupid. Get it out of here. But these, they’re just, they’re just almost the same price, and he might even cut me a deal cause the shipping them back… By the way, 120-Day in-home trial. That’s four months. If you have these for four moths like I, I think, might even be today is like, four months, there’s no way you’re giving them up. Cause I’ve – it’s got to the point where – I’ve started having to test other speakers. I can’t just leave these out here. So I’ve had speaker stacks out here, I had the Doom Stacks away, and I like, I pull these up and I pull those up and I’m like, “oh these Yamahas are good,” and then I have to go back to these occasionally, because I have to. And now, it’s time to do the review.

Where was I? Semi-omni-directional. Tweeters shooting up here. These, re… when I first got them, back to that, this is a 30, 40 minute review. I don’t care. I need to talk, just endlessly about them. When I first got them, I had the Doom Stacks set up where they are sitting now, so I set the Ohms up here, in front of everything. 3 ½’ from that wall. That didn’t even sound right! And I emailed them and I was like, “Hey, do these need to be broken in for a long period of time?” And they said, “Oh, just make sure you position them, you know, near the wall.” Cause one of the design criteria for this type of speaker - it breaks every rule you know about how to set up a speaker.

Rule of Thirds: you want the speakers to be one third of the way into the room; you want to sit one third of the way into the room. That’s how you’re supposed to sit and listen to speakers. Not these. These speakers you push closer and closer to the wall, until they sound right.

Sound deadening. Everyone’s complaining about me and my living room, “Zeos, what are you doing with these walls and hard surfaces? You need sound deadening to stop wh-.” Not these. No sound dea- NONE! That will ruin the speakers! You literally want panes of glass *taps on window* - Don’t look at that, Chewbacca. Panes of glass and hard, angular sur- you want the sound to come out of the 8” hit everything, and then shoot forward. Cause that’s the way they’re designed. They’re designed by that.

Did I mention the fact that these are the perfect speakers for someone with children? Because, guess what, little Sally and Timmy can’t stick their fingers in the dust cap – “I’ll kill you!” –ok- I will say this: they may be perfect – these are perfect party speakers , cause they shoot omnidirectional, and we’ll get to how they sound in a second. I know I’m going on. And you know, kids can’t ruin them. Dogs can’t ruin them. They’re 60-something pounds – 67 pounds each. For the 2000’s. My biggest fear was I had a New Year’s Eve party, and [on top of the grill] looks like a good place to put a cup. That was it. That was the only thing you have to concern yourself with. By the way, these are magnetic. They will go kln! Right in place! They’re actually built out of like a mesh. You can tell it’s hand made. In Brooklyn. Some person puts this in a mold and just – I don’t know if they weld it? Glue it? This is wood… It’s, look, it’s like, I can do, I can say nothing about the build quality. It’s brilliantly designed for someone who is doing a direct from a factory in Manhatt- well, Brooklyn – if you had to design a speaker, this should win everything. Because, it’s not complicated. It’s got rounded edges. That’s, that’s what it’s got. It’s a, it’s a tube, rounded edges; they offer a TON of finishes, which I’ll be able, you’ll be able to see them on their site. And they don’t charge you any more for the more expensive finishes. They just absorb that cost. It’s already built in. So you want the more expensive finish? You get the more expensive finish. You want a lighter finish? They’ll do black, they’ll do really light weight – God bless you! Like, oak, where am I going? Where am I going?! What was I saying.

It’s a great design. I don’t know how they’re the only ones still that are making it. Cause the way it sounds and the way that it works, and since I pulled it apart I know that there’s crossover components down here by the actual plug, there’s two wires that come up, and there’s got to be crossover components up here. And I don’t understand it, but I revere it. These are amazing speakers.

You stand here, and I know it’s been 20 – I’m gonna say 19 minutes I’ve been talking, and you play something else… Play something else… *music* Major Lazer, by the way, and you’ve got two 8” woofers, basically, with big boxes, that can produce all the low end you want, with a downward firing port, you also get this weird… When I built those Doom Stacks, they’re really tall, in case you haven’t noticed. And that’s so that when my screen’s down, they can project at the height of the screen, where people’s mouths are. These speakers, even though they’re – what is that – probably ten inches lower than the tweeter would be if I mounted them upside down on that, it still projects the sound in an arc. Right above the scr- right above the TV. If I sit down here, well, I wouldn’t be on my table usually, it’s perfect. It’s right there. It’s perfect.

We have to talk about normal speaker things, and it’s gonna get really convoluted- right, Chewbacca? She knows. Since the tweeters are pointed forward – and there are real tweeters, not some weird, shooting into a cone… Since there’s a tweeter over there pointing sort of at me and there’s a tweeter over there pointed sort of at me, it sounds … clear. That was my biggest, like, “These are omnidirectional speakers? Are you sure? Cause it sounds awfully clear.” Usually omnidirectional speakers just sound lost. These don’t. You could sit right in the middle and hear perfect imaging. Or, and now here’s where it gets weird and I’ll have to start explaining things, you could pull out a ball chair. You could sit dead in front of that speaker, and hear right from the middle. “How, Zeos? That doesn’t make any sense.” You should all try that. You’ve got stereo speakers in a big room. Sit right in the middle. You’ll hear a voice coming from dead center. And you move to the left a foot, two feet, and all of a sudden that voice shifts over and then if you’re sitting all the way over here, you’ve ruined it. *music* Let me get some vocals here a second. God I suck. Perfect. *music* Thank you Edith. You see, pointing the tweeters up, and towards – very aggressively towards the middle, towards here, does a few things. It makes everything sound airy. And it gets, you’re shooting tweeter up, so it gets, I don’t want to say “higher” sound; that’s confusing when you’re talking about tweeters. But, when I’m here, that tweeter isn’t pointed at me at all. It’s pointed over there. But where’s that tweeter pointed? Uh, right at my face. So literally moving from here to there, the tweeters are pointed always just where they need to be to make the center image sound perfect. A couple of the shows I’ve went to, the audio shows, you’ll walk into a room and you’ll see a set of tower speakers that are literally pointed like this. Pointed straight at each other and you’re, everyone’s sitting ten feet behind it and you’re going, “What are these people doing that for? And that’s to try and accomplish what that is doing. However, none of those speakers were omnidirectional midrange and bass. So they always sounded weird as f-. F-, what are you doing? Point the speakers at me!

These speakers sound great- not good, great- everywhere. I could stand in this doorway, and I hear that speaker. Because, where’s the tweeter in this one? Pointing that way. So, I hear very little of this tweeter cause I’m on this side of it and close, and I hear a lot of that tweeter because it’s pointed almost right at me again. And if I walk around… *music* Hansen family’s good. Here. You can’t… can’t… There’s nowhere in this room, hell, there’s nowhere in this apartment these speakers don’t sound good! And that’s what makes me have to keep them. Cause if I – I know me. I know how OCD I am. If I put a pair or speakers up on these, and it’s gonna have to happen for the next 8, 10, 20 reviews to the end of my life, I’m gonna align them perfectly, maybe tilt them down, and I wanna sit right here in the middle and I’m gonna listen to them and then I’m gonna get up to get coffee, which I don’t drink coffee, by the way, I drink tea. And as soon as I’m here, it’s ruined. It’s just the speaker’s playing there and I wish I could get back to where I need to sit. But with these speakers, you’re always right where you need to be.

They sound… that’s perfect! *music gets louder* Alright. Um, that’s their magic. Everyone, I talk about the magic, what makes me – what’s different – these speakers need to be… By the way, I pushed them closer to the wall at some point cause I was testing the first day of setup. And any closer than this and the bass was so intense, that it was like, “Oh, God,” and I had to just start backing them up. The closer you push them to the wall, the more intense the low end gets. So you like more low end? Push them closer to the wall! You want less low end? Pull them further away from the wall. You want the – I mean, I’m shooting into glass which is never, never recommended for any speaker. Worked great with this.

Imaging. You can’t escape it. It’s an unescapable imaging machine. Let me open up the web page. I’ve had things that I’m just, I don’t know, I apologize for the length of this review but I’m talking myself into $2800 in speakers. A person who’s always going to be having… I bought those but a guy dropped those off those are the, uh, by the way those are the 8” Yamaha HS8’s, those are 8” HSU I forget the model number, [CCB-8] but those are coaxial 8” these are mid 8” those are omni-firing 8” and those are $700 a pair and those are $700 a pair and these are $2800 a pair and I take these every goddamn day over either of those. Not competing with those. This is a completely different league for what I am just gushing over them for. So let’s look. So here’s the Walsh thing, and they sell as packages too, if you wanna do Home Theater, and we’ll get to how it performs with home theater because, well, amazingly! I’m not using the 8500’s by the way. I should probably mention that. I was when I first moved them in here, because I had the Bucards and the Bucards need more power. And I thought, “Ok, well these are going to need more power; they’ll go up to like 300 Watts or 200 Watts. And I figure those into bridged mono are pushing six, and that will be good.” So I put them on there and I’m like “-“ and I was clipping the amps. And it was causing the speakers to go “ih, k, ih,” and I went like, “Oh, Jesus, what did I like break the speaker?” And I’m like, “No, no, no, no, no. I’m clipping the amp.” And I finally got the Crown amp and I was able to push these to the point then with like 500 good Watts a channel to the point where I was scared of destroying them, and it was so loud in here. This is a 100 wpc TASCAM which is a… actual rebranded Onkyo which is a… Yeah. It’s a 30.4 of the Integra which is an Onkyo, so it’s 100 wpc. And I’m running them just fine to levels that would scare most cats. Not mine. She gives no shit about this. Right? You don’t need the subwoofers. I’ve got those two Infinity subwoofers here because when I’m testing little speakers, like little micro cubes, I need the subwoofer. I don’t have to turn them on for these speakers. Ever. For any genre of music.

So, home theater. Let’s talk about home theater. At least I’m remembering where I was. Theres, uh, satellites. Everything starts pretty high. Like, the minimum price is always $700. $2400. Those are the Betas. I have no idea what those are doing. Those are like Beta testing. I hope that maybe they’ll send me those. Even if I decide to keep these, there will be another set of Ohms in this apartment at some point for testing. MicroWalsh. I love how they have a clarinet here. Little tiny baby ones! Little tiny baby ones! They’re so cute! They’re also $700 a pair. Then we get up to the centers. See now, since these have an angled tweeter, that’s going here, if you wanted to do a true surround sound with a 5.1 with a center channel, they will sell you either a tall center or a narrow center that the tweeter points forward. Now let’s go to the actual- Look how cute that baby one is! They all look like cigarettes from the ‘70s. I’m waiting for the Marlboro Man to show up and sell me a pair. So I mean, look at the- look at the veneers you have to choose from. That more veneers than I think anybody! Black, cherry, maple, oak, red oak, red sapele, red walnut, rosewood, sapele, teak and walnut. So this is the red sapele, by the way. That one. You can see it. And you can feel it. Because it’s legit! It’s not vinyl. There’s no vinyl on these. There’s nothing fake. These are as boutique as they come, and they shouldn’t be. I wanna send them traffic because they’re amazing, and if you’re considering buying speakers, like, in this price range, absolutely these. Just pick your color. Pick your flavor.

So here’s the MicroWalsh, here’s the, here’s the, here are the models. Micros, $700 each. Each. They’re a tower, they’re each. Then we go to the 1000’s. That’s what it was. They’re $1000 each. That’s what they had at the show. $1000 each and it was a show special I think it was like $1600 or $1700 for the pair, and my brother was like, “I have to own these!” And I’m like, “NO! Put your money away. Let me talk to the guy first.” 2000, which these are, and you can see next to a clarinet. Mmm. $1400 apiece. The 3000. Now, once you get bigger than this 8”, things start getting silly. Cause it goes, MicroWalsh, I’m not sure how it goes, probably a 4”? I’m gonna have to check. Maybe? Actually it might be a 5 ¼”. MicroWalsh… Yeah, ok. So, the MicroWalsh is a 5 ¼”. $700 each. The 1000 is a 6 ½”. $1000 each. These 2000s. $1400 each. 8”. 3000s. I don’t believe they are 10”, I think they are- oh, maybe they are a 10”. I thought they were a 12”. Maybe they are a 12”. I know they go up to 12” and then at some point it just gets 15”. It’s a 15” omnidirectional- look at that poor clarinet! How big a room will…? The dimensions of the biggest one are 13 ¼” x 13 ¼”. This is 9 ½” x 9 ½”. Those are $3300 each. They weight 75 lb, and can do a room … 8500 cu ft. Booyah. They’re all 6 Ω by the way, but they’re not having a problem with my receiver. 6 Ω is, like, happy. 4 Ω: start getting worried. Start checking your receiver once in a while to see if it’s getting hot.

People ask me about Atmos, and you know, “How does Atmos do Atmos, Zeos?” And, I’ve heard a couple decent bounce setups, and I’ve heard one or two that actually had the ceiling speakers mounted, and if you had these speakers, don’t worry about it. Don’t even worry about getting an Atmos encode. Because, once you play a sound out of these, and it’s meant to appear and move, it’s everywhere. The sound is everywhere. Everything you hear from these speakers comes from the entire front of your room. Now I don’t want a center because I wanted a fireplace. And if I had a center and a fireplace and a TV, where the hell do I put my center? Yeah. That’s me wanting eventually to have a woman in my life, and that was the sacrifice I made. Or else I would have a center so big and so powerful this TV would be mounted to it. But without a center, so phantom center, just anywhere you sit in my apartment – I’ve laid in this day bed and I could listen to music right here, and it’s fine. It’s not like, “Aw, I’m hearing too much of that and I really want to sit there. I really want to sit there!” Not with these speakers. These speakers, I don’t care where I am. They sound amazing.

Vocal clarity. Another one of those things it should be like, “Well, how is it going to sound with an omnidirectional? It’s gonna hit the back. It’s gonna shoot forward. It’s gonna be bad.” It’s not. It’s not even a little bit. These sound like the best speakers I’ve ever heard, and they do this weird thing of filling the entire room. And they don’t care where you’re standing. And you can’t damage the driver. And if anything goes wrong, they’re in Brooklyn, so you just pack up the hat and you send it back to them and they’ll repair it because if the box is going to go bad- God knows, the boxes are fine. Chewbacca, are you happy you’re in this video? You pay extra for that.

There is going to be a sound demo, linked in the description. And, I have no concept of how I am going to record these. Having fun? These are it. These are my babies. And I’ve said that about a lot of speakers. But you know what happens after you say that? You try something else. And I feel bad for people because, you get, you know, locked into a relationship and then all of a sudden it’s like, “Holy God, did you see that waitress? Maybe she’s The One.” These are my The One. These are my The One right now. I’ve said that about a lot of – I’ve said, “Oh my God, best speakers ever!” In fact, it’s written on the JBL LSR- No, I’m sorry, the JBL Studio 530’s: “Best speakers ever”. And I’m going to go to that video, when I release this one, to patrons at least, and I’m going to edit the title of my video that says “Best speakers ever” and I’m going to just erase that. And I’m going to move it to this video. And if you’ve made it this far into this rant, now you know why! And you can’t complain.

Powered by 100 wpc, best… best sound stage of a speaker. Ever. Best party speaker. Ever. Least likely to get broken by a child, unless they pour water down the top of it. That’s literally the only thing you have to concern yourself with. You can’t cover – I had a paper plate up on one just to test it: completely ruins it. Put them in your room against walls. The WAF factor is insane. Pick good – pick a matching – I wish I would have had these subs first. And then I would have requested this with a more matching tone. And then it would have been like. “Oh. Oh? Oh.” They look better. They sound better. They’re built like – well, 67 lbs out of a- *knock knock knock, knock knock knock* Here, let’s hear what my brick wall sounds like. *knock knock knock* Well, that’s a little bit more. *knock knock* They’re not too far off.

I apologize for the length of this review. If you’ve made it to the end, thank you. Please check out their stuff. 120 Day Home Trial is insane. That’s forever. And, make sure you get the right ones for your room, cause if they’re too small, they’ll get lost. I can’t. I can’t. I wouldn’t make a video this long if I didn’t care. And I care. As soon as I walked into that room in Manhattan to hear them, I cared. Because they’re the only ones there that I actually spoke to the guy and handed cards and like, these are… I could have spoken to anybody. “Hey, these $8,000, you know, DACs sound great. Give me-” No. Don’t care about those. These are an attainable joy. And I’m hoping that the sound demo- I may even walk around in the sound demo with my portable recorder, trying to capture what it is, and I don’t know if that’s going to work. I- You can’t- You can’t break them. I mean I got 100 wpc on these and I… The only way these are gonna make an error sound is if you distort your amplifier, which I’ve done. It takes a lot of power to do it.

I’m gonna stop now. If I’ve forgotten something, please read the description. I can’t even use adaptations anymore, because YouTube’s being weird. Support on Patron up there, because I’m gonna need to eat at some point, and Chewbacca needs to eat, and I’m going to continually buy Yamaha speakers like this because no one’s going to send those to me, and people want to know about them. So, that supports that. That supports me shipping headphones back to people and pays for the cat. I’m gonna- I promise you some of that money goes toward feeding her. Wallpaper is also downloadable in the description, because Hitaru is the best. She’s the best, and these speakers are the best, and this video is way too long, and I apologize. And sound demo is also linked in the description or probably here at the end of the video. And, if I forgot anything, Ohm guys, I apologize for that, too. You’re great, and this is great, and… Made in America… I know it doesn’t matter a lot to all the European people, but, you know… We gotta do something good, other than textiles and poison.