The Gala is a two-way downfiring speaker that radiates sound in a 360º pattern horizontally. It features a 6.5” poly cone woofer with a 1” dome tweeter. This feature allows the Gala to be placed in the middle of the listening area, whereas the other models are typically placed around the edges of the listening area.

  • $895ea.
  • plus $100 shipping (per speaker, US lower 48) or $125 Shipping (per speaker, Canada)
  • Part Number: Gala
Technical Specs
Part #
88 dB @ 2.8V
Freq. Response
65-20000 Hz (+/-3dB)
Power Handling
40-120 W
Room Size
Max Distance
13.75" x 13.75" x 32"

About Adrian Acoustics.

Adrian Acoustics started in a small shop in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn in the early 70’s, making all of the cabinets for the original Ohm A, as well as the legendary Ohm F, and many other classic Ohm models. They quickly started taking on more clients who became well-known staples of the golden age of hi-fi. Names like AR, Rectilinear, and Advent.

Eventually, Adrian Acoustics moved their production to a much larger facility in Bridgeport, Connecticut, where they continued to produce cabinets for more high-end audio brands like McIntosh, Mark Levinson, and Polk. They still produce cabinets for Von Schweikert, VPI, and Ohm.

About Acoustics Garden.

After half a century of experience in the industry, building cabinets for some of the most highly sought-after brands in hifi, Adrian Acoustics has introduced their own line of speakers. The Acoustics Garden series is specifically designed for all sorts of outdoor applications. They can be used in stereo or in mono on the front porch or back lawn of your home. They can also be run in arrays to cover larger areas with ambient music, like an outdoor walkway in an industrial park, or an outdoor dining area at a bar or restaurant.

All Acoustics Garden speakers are expertly handcrafted from fully weather resistant materials, with a built-in drainage system to prevent standing water from building up inside. They can be conveniently hooked up using the corrosion-resistant five-way binding posts on the bottom of the speaker. We recommend using UV-resistant speaker wire, connected to electronics stored indoors. Depending on your application, you may choose to bury your speaker write inside of an underground conduit.

The Acoustics Garden speaker, besides filling your outdoor spaces with beautiful music, also double as planters. The top portion of each speaker is essentially a raised garden bed, where you can plant your favorite outdoor potted plants, whether it’s your prize roses, a sprawling ivy, or a giant alocasia. Each speaker comes with a reusable liner, which makes it easy to remove your plants for future gardening.

Your new outdoor speakers come with a three-year warranty and a thirty-day satisfaction guarantee. If you would like help selecting which model is best for you, please call Ohm at 800-783-1553 to speak directly with an expert.

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