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Dual 12" Subwoofer

The 212 series subwoofers are all handmade to order at our factory in Brooklyn. Each one features two of our high-excursion twelve-inch drivers. Each subwoofer is driven by its own dedicated 500 Watt ICEpower* amplifier, equalized to allow for bass extension beyond the range of human hearing. The effect is as if the subwoofer were 4-6 times larger.

Like in our Walsh speakers, the Baltic birch plywood used in the cabinet construction offers superior strength and rigidity, contributing to overall cleaner bass.

While these high-quality subwoofers are specially designed for optimum pairing with Walsh speakers as mains, they will make a very capable contribution to any home theater or two-channel sub/sat stereo system.

These artisinal subwoofers are finished in a wide variety of real wood veneers, and can be made to match your other Ohm speakers, or the decor of your home. Since there are no working parts on the front of the speaker, (the drivers and the amplifier are mounted on the sides and the back) what you see from your listening position is a continous piece of wood, which will blend in with the rest of the cabinetry and other furniture in your room.

These new models for 2021 are the latest development in a long history of Ohm subwoofers, which goes all the way back to the 1970’s. We’ve learned a lot over the years, and we are proud to bring you, once again, a unique subwoofer that builds on all the work that went before it.

The S model subwoofer of the 212 series uses a balanced drive construction, where the two drivers (mounted on the sides of the cabinet) are physically coupled inside of the cabinet, which reduces the rocking motion of the cabinet to a negligible level. The result is a crisp, transparent bass quality. Since the drivers are both facing to the side, instead of straight at the listener, you lose any edge diffraction noise from the front of the cone before it reaches your ear, leaving you with all the information that’s in the recording, and nothing that’s not.

*ICEpower is a registered trademark of ICEpower a/s in Denmark.

  • $1,500
  • plus $25 shipping (per speaker, US lower 48) or $49 Shipping (per speaker, Canada)
  • Part Number: SB-212-S
Technical Specs
Part #
dB @ 2.8V
Freq. Response
18-100 Hz Hz (+/-3dB)
Power Handling
Room Size
2500 - 9000 cu ft
Max Distance
25 ft.
13.25" x 13.25" x 32"
75 lb (34.02 kg.)

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