It's About Time!

John Strohbeen    Tuesday, October 11, 2016    Articles

“A loudspeaker apparatus is provided for producing time and phase-coherent sound waves…” is the beginning of my patent application filed on August 7, 1981. I have used Walsh speakers…

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Break-In & Burn-In Versus Broken & Burnt Out

John Strohbeen    Monday, March 28, 2016    Articles

Brand new speakers are well known for not performing their best until they have been “burnt-in” or “broken-in.” This is true for all mechanical systems such as turntables, phono…

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Sound Pressure Levels in Live Versus Recorded Music.

John Strohbeen    Wednesday, October 14, 2015

I prefer acoustic music played without amplification – particularly the human voice without microphones and PA. Luckily, we all listen to spoken voices every day and have learned from…

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Microphone Techniques Affect Imaging:

John Strohbeen    Tuesday, August 18, 2015    Articles, Philosophy

Speakers are the weakest link in almost all stereo systems. This has been my opinion for many years. In fact, it was the subject of the very first of this series of posts over a year ago…

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It’s All About Imaging!

John Strohbeen    Tuesday, November 4, 2014    Articles

A word that’s used a lot when talking about sound reproduction is “imaging.” But what, exactly, does imaging mean in audio? And how does imaging relate to a sound-field or…

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How Good Is Human Hearing?

John Strohbeen    Tuesday, October 14, 2014    Articles

When looking at audio specs, a question frequently gets asked. “Do I need all that? How good is human hearing, anyway?” The answer may surprise you. Actually it is quite good.…

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